Rebekah Gregory is an honest-to-goodness inspiration.

It’s not everyday one has the opportunity to listen to a survivor’s story. Or, to hear about their horrendous ordeal told with humor and compassion. At the National Multiple Sclerosis On The Move luncheon, Rebekah Gregory’s horrifying experience at one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in U.S. history, changed her life forever.

She walked with poise to the podium in a beautiful black lace overlay dress starkly revealing ‘Felicia,’ her prosthetic left leg. Her gait was so perfect one assumed the visible mechanical apparatus was part of the outfit.

Then Rebekah Gregory began to recall the day that is still too vivid in her mind. She was watching the 2013 Boston Marathon, struggling to keep her six year son occupied as the race dragged on for him. Her runner was close to the finish line so she suggested he sit on her feet and play with pebbles on the ground, assuring him it was almost over. Out of boredom, he sat on her feet. Next thing, one week later, Rebekah Gregory awoke in a Boston hospital. Her left leg was mangled. Thankfully her son was treated for minor cuts and lacerations and released. He was alive and well. That was enough to get her through the next two years.

Gregory gave an enlivened talk that moved the audience, not to tears but laughter. She is a natural at this. Her story is terrible but, like she said, “If you’re given lemons, well, heck, you don’t even have to make lemonade if you don’t like it. You can make a lemon meringue pie.”

And that is what Gregory has done. She hated running. Now she is running in a marathon later this year. She hates strapping on Felicia some days but, she wants to get up and get on with her day so, she puts Felicia on and gets going.

Rebekah Gregory was a ray of sunshine and source of strength to the people of the audience who were either fighting the effects of MS or searching for a cure.

Michael King was awarded the MS Spirit Award presented by Novartis. He said he is looking forward to the day he no longer needs to ride his bike for MS, because, when that day comes, he smiled, there will be a cure for the debilitating disease, multiple sclerosis.

This year’s theme, MS on the Move luncheon was organized to raise awareness and funds to provide services and support for the 100,000 people in Colorado and Wyoming affected by multiple sclerosis.

Become a supporter of this important organization by visiting,; or call 1-800-FIGHT-MS (344-4867). The chapter office is located at 900 S. Broadway, Suite 250, Denver.