Online Services

Online Services

Blacktie offers over 35 proprietary event planning and communication tools, most of which you will not find anywhere else, including:

  • Sophisticated online registration, ticketing and RSVP capability
  • Online donation and recurring donation ability
  • We don’t take a percentage of your proceeds for any service (ticketing,
  • donations, etc.)
  • Detailed event calendar for planning and scheduling events
  • Comprehensive online, silent and live auction packages
  • Easy to use software for seating charts, check-in sheets and nametag printing

We go the extra mile to ensure that your awareness building and fundraising efforts are maximized. We’ll help your nonprofit get noticed:

  • Photojournalist coverage of events with photos posted to our website so your donors and prospects can view, purchase, email or add photos to Facebook
  • Ability to create email blasts and personalized newsletters
  • Database management system that allows you easy access to your information
  • Exposure on the Blacktie website that averages over 300K visitors monthly

Take Blacktie for a Test Dance
We think that when you see our online suite of services, you’ll notice what a difference we can make for your organization.

  • Explore Blacktie suite of services with an expert to guide you
  • See demonstration of key features that will make your life easier
  • Learn how you can enhance your event planning and execution

To learn more about Blacktie Webinars and schedule dates, click on the “Webinar Navigation Bar” on the “I’m a Nonprofit Organization” page.

Online RSVP’s

  • Add OFFLINE ticket purchases to create one central database of ALL attendees
  • Supports up to 15 different ticket levels
  • Pay by credit card or electronic check
  • Customize the receipt for online purchasers (logo, instructions, etc.)
  • Cap specific ticket levels (VIP) or total amount of tickets available
  • Ask meal choices (beef, fish, vegetarian) or 15 other questions
  • Print nametags on different Avery labels
  • Automatically print check-in sheet
  • Assign bid numbers for auction


  • Blacktie is the only company to allow you to move from offline to online auctions
  • Take bids online and maximize your revenue (taking a bid from someone who can’t be there the night of your event)
  • Create master list of all items in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Allow multiple people to enter items simultaneously
  • Create the auction catalogue
  • Print “thank you” letters to donors and winning bidders; will also print your bid sheets automatically
  • Set minimum bid and incremental raise amounts. Expedite checkout the night of the event (internet access required) by entering in bid #, item # and $ amount, automatically creates invoices and charges credit cards; creates a report of which items were paid for by cash, check and credit card, which items had no bids, and which items weren’t paid for

Seating Chart

  • Names from Blacktie RSVP area are automatically inserted into your seating chart area, no data re-entry
  • Sponsor tables are automatically created
  • “Sit With” Information displayed
  • Print all tables to see where people are sitting
  • Create master lists by last name, table name, table number or company

Email Blast

  • Completely revamped. Our new blast allows you to track how many people
  • actually opened your email.
  • Allows you to create electronic internet newsletters with pictures, logos and hyperlinks. No html programming skills are required!
  • Blacktie software keeps you off of Spam lists. We send your email, in groups every five minutes regardless of how large it is. We also track your bounce-backs for you.
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