May 4 is officially Intergalactic Star Wars Day. In Denver, the place to be for the celebration is Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. Count on it like wisdom from Yoda, each year the site will host Star Wars Day at the Hangar. This year 2,500 people came out — many in costume — to honor the saga, take a few cuts with the event’s own version of a light saber, blast a few shots at a storm trooper, and take their place behind the controls of an authentic X-Wing Fighter.

“The first year we hosted a thank you event for 30 people. It’s now grown to thousands coming through the door today,” confirmed Mathew Burchette, curator for the museum.

He then gave all the credit for the success of the day to three groups: Rocky Mountain FanForce, The Rebel Legion and 501st Legion. The first is a social group for Star Wars fans to collectively share their affinity for the series. The other two are official Lucasfilm approved costuming groups. The Rebel Legion is recognized as the world’s premier “Good Guy” Star Wars costuming organization. The second, well, as you can guess, represent the “the dark side.”

One dedicated parent braved the 80-degree day to come as Chewbacca, the gaint hairy Wookie from the movie. This was his second time attending with his son. “It’s a super father-son thing to do. We did it last year and this year we decided to dress up. It’s a lot of fun,” smiled the man as he hugged his miniature Hans Solo partner.

One mother, son duo took in all the sights and beep-beep sounds. “He’s a huge Star Wars fan. He has posters in his room from when he was very, very young.” Her now full-grown son even took a lesson from an X-Wing pilot on how to stun the character.

The whole Wasinger family came out decked for the day. “We look forward to this each year,” replied the costumed-clad mom.

Rocky Mountain FanForce, the guiding organizers of the event, generously gave out “play” light sabers to fans only after they successfully answered a trivia question.

“I’ve watched Star Wars since the day I was born,” expressed 10-year-old Kyala, in between casting questions to those wanting to earn the saber. “My dad still collects Star Wars action figures.”

Maureen Kiefer explained her two girls, Lucy and Kate, were set for all photos with pre-defined movie scene poses. “They are obsessed with Star Wars. One day we watched and they’ve been hooked ever since.”

“How many people can say they worked on a real X-Wing?” said Jeff Rodriguez referencing the rare and rewarding opportunity of maintaining the craft. He, along with 10-15 other volunteers, donate hours to keep the craft in top shape. His group works to preserve the space vehicle along with keeping it up-to-date with electronics.

As Yoda would say, “Patience you MUST HAVE my young padawan.” The event will come back around next year and when it does, entertain your inner Storm Trooper with a trip to Wings Over the Rockies.

May the 4th Be With You.