If there’s two things that The Home Front Cares and guest speaker MAJ┬áLisa Jaster have in common, it’s love of military service and perseverance.

MAJ Jaster talked frankly to a large audience at the Broadmoor Hotel on Friday night about that little “tickle” in the back of her mind that was always there beneath the service, calling her to achieve new heights, not only for herself but as a woman in the military. Jaster is only one of three women to graduate the US Army Ranger program–a next-to-impossible feat for anyone (36% of male and female students fail within the first four days alone). She did it through persistence and incredible hard work.

The Home Front Cares exists to help military families who might be in a predicament–can’t find a job after returning from service, can’t pay a mortgage payment while deployed…but each client has that same quality of perseverance.

Founded in 2003 by two retired Air Force colonels, Bob Carlone and Joe Henjum, THFC knew that the transition between military service and civilian life is not easy. THFC has raised more than $8.5 million to help Colorado veterans and their families.

For more information and how you can become involved, log on to www.thehomefrontcares.org.