Nothing makes a holiday statement like a festive sweater adorned with real ornaments, smiling reindeers, and 3-D garland. Colorado Symphony Orchestra, at its holiday Beethoven and Brews, along with its event partner Buffalo Exchange helped guests get in the spirit in a big way. The store, specializing in vintage and used clothing, graciously brought 80 decked out sweaters to the party for guests who just couldn’t put their hands on one at home. Melissa Acosta walked in wearing a striking green and black silk blouse. She looked nice, normal . . . but that wasn’t the aim of this gathering.

“Oh, I feel sexy,” she cooed, stroking her newly acquired sweater with its giant faux pine branch and cones.

“It’s ravishing,” chuckled Day Lapira in reference to her over-the-top holiday number. She even gained a pal for the party as a smiling stuffed animal frog with arms outstretched ready for a hug was sewn onto the front of her garment.

Renegade Brewing Company proved the ideal beer partner for the occasion. The company aims for “an offensively delicious brew.” Renegade is for “those who do the don’ts and don’t the dos.” In short, it was the perfect pairing to the outlandish sweaters.

It was fitting that the event was held at the VFW Post #1, the oldest post in the country. The CSO offers a significantly discounted rate to active military personnel and veterans. The compelling array of artwork in the facility is from veterans throughout the country.

For birthday girl Tanya Hass the evening was the perfect present.

“It’s a brilliant combination,” exclaimed an elated Ms. Hass. “It’s great to hear symphony music while drinking beer.” The more than 150 others in attendance shared her sentiment.

Launched in 2013, Beethoven and Brews features small ensembles of Colorado Symphony musicians performing in casual, non-traditional venues, including art galleries and local breweries.

“This season the events will be in three different venues and will involve a variety of breweries. We want to bring community out, so we are getting out into the community,” said CSO Event Planner Christine Devereaux.

Patrons attending Beethoven and Brews supports the mission of the Colorado Symphony: Creating extraordinary musical experiences that transport today’s listener, from the best of the past to the edge of the future.

One of the leading orchestras in the United States, the Colorado Symphony performs more than 150 concerts annually at Boettcher Concert Hall in downtown Denver and across Colorado. Led by internationally renowned Music Director Andrew Litton, the Colorado Symphony is home to eighty full-time musicians, representing more than a dozen nations, and regularly welcomes the most celebrated artists from the world of symphonic music and beyond. Every season, the Colorado Symphony serves more than 250,000 people from all walks of life, performing a range of musical styles, from traditional to contemporary. Recognized as an incubator of innovation, creativity, and excellence, the Colorado Symphony continually expands its reach through education, outreach, and programming. The Colorado Symphony partners with the state’s leading musical artists, cultural organizations, corporations, foundations, sports teams, and individuals to expose diverse audiences to the transformative power of music. To learn more, visit