Since it’s inception Blacktie has interviewed over 450 philanthropists for its popular Have You Met Feature.  Every two years, Blacktie throws a party to honor these individuals and to present the Georgia R. Imhoff Volunteer Extraordinare Award.

The 2015 incarnation of this event was held at the Lime Restaurant at the Pavilions in downtown Denver.  Thanks to the generosity of hosts Curt and Pam Savage Sims, guests were treated to a complimentary margarita when they arrived and great appetizers and a taco bar.  Lime has a wonderful space for events, the tv screens were showing pictures of the individuals that have been featured as Have You Met interviewees over the years.

At 7:30 Blacktie chief Kenton Kuhn introduced the Blacktie team and introduced the prior recipients of the Georgia R. Imhoff Award.  Ryta Sondergard was given the award in 2009, Beth Klein in 2011 (Beth was unable to attend)  and Paul Tamburello in 2013.

Stacy Ohlsson then talked about the many charitable activities that the 2015 honorees were involved, and it’s several pages long.  She then presented the Gerogia R. Imhoff award on behalf of her late mother and Blacktie co-founder,  to John Farnam and Paul Heitzenrater.

John Farnam spoke to the crowd about their philosophy of involvement.

New this year was a financial gift made to two of the organizations that Farnam and Heitzenrater support:  Excelsior Youth Center and Metro CareRing.  Kudos to Maureen Regan Cannon, Nancy Koontz and Stacy Ohlsson for their financial gift that Messrs. Farnam and Heitzenrater are matching.

Nancy Koontz, Blacktie’s ace reporter who has personally conducted over 300 Have You Met interviews then introduced the musical entertainment;  chanteuse Pam Savage Sims (wow, can she sing) and well known keyboardist Eric Gunnsion.

Seen in the crowd……  were a boat load of people!  Too many to mention individually here, but see the pictures below to get an idea.  Thanks to photography supervisor Pam Cress for the work she has done over the years to make sure that nonprofit stories are told in such a meaningful way.

As with prior events, lots of fun and new connections were made.  People were buzzing about how to harness all of the power and productivity that was in the room.