Sometimes the things that are the best for us are unspoken.

Dogs have an extra-sensory way of knowing when we need love and guidance and encouragement. Just being around man’s best friend gives a sense of calmness and well-being, and this is why the Prescription Pet program at Children’s Hospital Colorado has been successful and growing for the past 31 years.

“Over the next two years our dogs will be interacting in a controlled manner with patients on the autism spectrum,” says one of the original founders, Dr. Sara Mark. “The study is carefully designed to measure psysiologic changes in children when they are in the presence of dogs.”

There was no question how happy dogs made attendees at this year’s Wags and Wine event at Kuni Lexus in Greenwood Village on Tuesday night. Smiles abounded and tails wagged and friends hugged. This event brings awareness of the Prescription Pet program that started with 4 dogs and has grown to 40 teams.

Volunteers are always welcome: check out the program at