The kids at Creekside Elementary have got it going on. These dedicated young philanthropists have raised money for the Prescription Pet program for two years in a row, and they set a stellar example, along with the amazing dogs who make up the Prescription Pet program for Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Seven students and their teacher, Kathy Paulson, came to speak to the crowd at a reception held at Kuni Lexus on Monday and talk about their efforts to raise more than $2,000 last year. Several prescription pets also came to wag and welcome.

Dr. Sara Mark returned again to deliver remarks and talk about family experiences with Prescription Pet dogs. Some kids actually stand out of their wheelchairs and smile and talk when the dogs are present, when previously they were not making any progress. It’s nothing short of miraculous.

Lyn Schaffer once again coordinated this thank-you/recognition reception at Kuni Lexus and catering was again provided by Biscuits and Berries.

We can look to young adults, and dogs, to provide a successful pattern of living–giving back and helping others. Wag, wag.