Stout Street Foundation clients, staff and supporters never need to wait till New Year’s to enact fresh starts—it seems to happen organically at the annual Fall Luncheon. The event is a chance to get together with old friends and new, and be inspired by personal stories and some new ideas presented by dynamic speakers—what resonates for one might be different for another. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a needed kick in the rear for a few. This year’s theme, “It’s Only Just the Beginning,” was not only fitting, but lived up to its name.

Keynote speaker Ward Blanchard, founder and CEO of The Blanchard Institute (left); with SSF President & CEO Christopher Conway

On Friday, Nov. 15, around 200 gathered at the Renaissance Stapleton Hotel. Guests had a chance to check out the silent auction, and grab some light appetizers and beverages before sitting down to a luncheon program with a variety of speakers and stories. Those who spoke to the crowd included emcee Eric Chiappetta, chef guru and podcast host, as well as Stout Street’s president and CEO Christopher Conway. Alexander, a Stout Street 14-month resident, had the room on its feet after he eloquently told details of his journey to date. Equally impactful was keynote speaker Ward Blanchard, founder and CEO of The Blanchard Institute, who emphasized key ideas that included the power of resilience and tell-it-like-it-is family systems.

Eileen Schurmann, board vice-chair, presented a $1,000 check to Stout Street Foundation that she received as part of an employee award. Carrie Packard, development director, concluded the event assisting with a spirited live auction for a beautiful quilt made from Stout Street t-shirts.

Jenna, Brad and Vaughn Lucero – Brad is Stout Street’s COO.

The mission of Stout Street Foundation (SSF) is to provide the necessary services and support in a totally structured therapeutic community environment to assist addicts and alcoholics to help themselves in rehabilitation, recovery, and transition in returning to society as productive and responsible citizens. SSF operates as a not-for-profit, self-sufficient organization without primary economic dependence on municipal, state or federal funding. Within the structured environment, Stout Street Foundation will provide for food, lodging and specific programs and treatment for residents.

For over 40 years Stout Street Foundation has been a service leader in and around the Denver community. From humble beginnings at a house on Stout Street in Denver to completely refurbishing a 168-room hotel in Commerce City, the organization has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to be one of the most successful therapeutic communities in Colorado. Stout Street Foundation has helped thousands of individuals over the years and continues to treat over 300 individuals a year. In October, 2006, SSF opened the doors to its 28-day drug and alcohol intensive residential program Serenity. For more information, please visit, or call 866-722-7040.