Explore multiple sclerosis through different perspectives.

In keeping with their mission, the annual gala for the Rocky Mountain MS Center each year is able, through generous support, to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families living with MS and related neurological diseases, through care, support, education and research. This year’s Gala focused on exploring multiple sclerosis through different perspectives since many who live with MS have invisible symptoms.

The mysterious MS disease affects many lives in our community. That is why the MS Center approaches individuals embarking on their MS journey with office visits, counseling, Education Summits, all in hopes of improving the lives of those individuals and their families, one by one.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease with many symptoms like fatigue, vision problems, vertigo and pain. Ironically, these symptoms aren’t always obvious to family and friends. To those experiencing these symptoms, they know all too well the realities of living with MS.

Sarah Richer, artist, wrote these words:

“In my experience of living with multiple sclerosis, I have found it to be a fluid and dynamic process. Symptoms can change and heal over time, new symptoms can occur, and all of these physical occurrences change the way I perceive and interact in the world. It is a fluctuating landscape with effects that are negative, positive and often unexpected. Seeing the world differently has been inspiring, overcoming obstacles has been liberating, and developing a deeper understanding of myself has been transformative. I can’t imagine who I’d be today without it.”

The 2017 MS Gala is gearing for next year’s 2018 40th anniversary celebration. But make no mistake,  this year’s event surpassed them all with live over-the-top auction items such as a day at the races at Bandimere Speedway’s during racing season. The lucky high bidder will compete in the speedway’s Dodge Challenger Challenge Cars on Thunder Mountain’s famous 1/4 mile drag strip. Buckle your seatbelt!

Better yet, high bidders can Spend the 2018 holidays in Paris at a personal flat. While packing their Louis Vuitton’s let’s hope they remember to bring the elegant mink jacket they bid on and, for the thrill of it, throw in the 2.45 carat diamond won at the auction. Go in style to an elegant Parisian night on the town. Bidders also loved the close at home options such as golfing and dining, from Vail to Del Frisco’s.

After the presentations, the auction, a fabulous meal, and conversation, the Dave Camp Jazz Band, sprang into action and jazzed up the evening’s close which sadly, had to end. Great music, food, and a great organization were the highlights of the night. All proceeds from the annual Gala support the programs and services of the Rocky Mountain MS Center. With continued support, the RMMS center will march-on in an effort to discover the cause and eventually, find a cure for multiple sclerosis.

The Rocky Mountain MS Center was founded in 1978, as one of the country’s most comprehensive centers dedicated to the treatment and study of MS.

For more information on how to support the RMMS Center:

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