Just being in the same room and hearing the thoughts of distinguished women like Dr. Cile Chavez and Dr. Lynn Gangone automatically provides a heightened sense of pride, energy and goal enhancement.  Dr. Gangone, Dean of the Colorado Women’s College at the University of Denver, was honored at a special luncheon for Project Aspire on Friday, and Dr. Chavez was on hand to impart her well-earned gems of wisdom that will provide food for thought for attendees for many days to come. “Choices are the currency of a well-intentioned life,” she told the well-heeled, confident crowd at the Fritz Knoebel Events Center.

Dr. Chavez talked about freedom of choices we make, and how to “RSVP” in life on different levels, including “informed,” “intentional” and “inspirational.” Her talk focused on making a difference, a concept that defines the honoree, Dr. Gangone, and the tenets of Marney Andes and Project Aspire.

“Project Aspire will provide encouragement and financial support toward the pursuit of education to those women in Colorado who are seeking to better enhance their lives mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.”

In 2006, Marney Andes created Project Aspire because she saw the need to help women who deserve to have a good education but, because of “the system” being what it is, it may be just out of reach. Marney knew that there were many women out there who could thrive and succeed, if they were just given a chance. Marney was proud to announce at the luncheon that because of the generosity of committed sponsors and supporters, there will now be a Project Aspire Endowment Fund at the DU Colorado Women’s College.

Amanda Montoya and Amber Dawson were recipients of the 2014 scholarships provided by Project Aspire, so that they can join the ranks of those who make a difference. 2013 scholarship recipients Sara Szynskie and Laura Sporrer were on hand to volunteer at the the luncheon and also talk about the difference that Project Aspire has made in their lives.

For more information about how you can become involved, log on to www.myprojectaspire.org. For a link to additional video, follow this link: