Drenching downpour? no problem. National pandemic? got past that. No RSVP? come on in.  Haven’t been out in awhile? this was the ticket.

Yes, the “Just Because” party hosted by Josh Hanfling, Andrew Feinstein and Sarah McCarthy and Melissa LaCome seemed to be just what the Denver scene needed. The energy level was off the charts, the music was the perfect beat, the food was down-home good, and the camaraderie was palatable.

Feinstein’s Reelworks (formerly EXDO) was the perfect venue and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase it. The hosts told the crowd that their goal was for everyone to have fun, not worry about philanthropic pitches and party “just because.” They definitely hit the mark.

It was evident that Denver was ready to get out again. The party raged on into the night, continuing at Traks next door if so desired. Party on.