Nothing warms the heart quite like a cute puppy, but when the puppy grows into a trained service dog, that is nothing short of miraculous for a person in need of a little help.

Freedom Service Dogs transforms lives by partnering people with custom-trained assistance dogs, and the 11th annual Diamonds in the Ruff celebrated milestones and raised funds to expand and accomplish that mission. 80 people are on the waiting list for that special companion, and as new President and CEO Chris Nelson said, no one should have to wait.

Chris Parente of Channel 2 News brought an upbeat and exciting element to the festivities as emcee. Rachel Sutton and Boogie presented an awesome presentation of just what these angels-in-a-dog-suit can do. Help to take off a jacket? Push a button to open a door? Calm nerves when someone is anxious? No problem for these and many other tasks, and that includes love and hugs.

JJ Raterink returned for a lively stint as auctioneer as the enthusiastic crowd cheered and clapped. There was even a video of the “Kenpuppy Derby Puppy Race”, won by Julep.

To contribute to this incredible cause, whether it be by time, money or energy, go to

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Blacktie Colorado