Over the years, the prestigious Denver Rustlers have raised more than $3 million for student exhibitors at the Colorado State Fair Junior Livestock Sale, an event that supports Colorado’s young farmers and ranchers as they showcase their livestock to earn money for college.

The fun begins when the Rustlers convene at Shanahan’s Steakhouse in Denver for a scrumptious lunch, then hop on buses to Pueblo to the State Fairgrounds in their hats and Rockmount Ranchwear event shirts, underwrittten by MDC Richmond American Foundation.

Bidding is lively and yes, animated, as supporters rally to raise money for education for the hardworking youth. The Rustlers use most of their pooled funds to make sure the  young exhibitors get a fair price for their animals, staying until each and every animal is sold.

The Denver Rustlers began 39 years ago during an economic downturn, when a lack of bidding threatened to shut down the Junior Livestock Sale at the State Fair. At the urging of the late Representative Tom Farley, Tim Schultz (then Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture) approached Dick and Eddie Robinson, as well as Larry A. Mizel, asking them to step-in and make sure the hardworking 4-H and FFA youths could continue to participate and raise money for their future education. The three rallied their friends and colleagues to invest in these kids’ by supporting their livestock sale.

Josh Hanfling and R.D. Sewald have taken the reins in working to organize the event and the festivities under the bright Pueblo skies continued the tradition this year. Buses arrived with police escorts and the Rustlers mingled with young cowboys and cowgirls showing off their well-groomed animals. After a turn at the buffet, bidding began and proceeds did not disappoint.

To  get involved, log on to www.denverrustlers.org.

Blacktie Colorado
Blacktie Colorado