“Life is a carnival.” – Celia Cruz (Queen of Salsa Music)

Whether you call it a juerga, reventón, pachanga, guaracha, jarana, or a fiesta, the Colorado Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 13th Annual Sabor did not fail to intrigue, amaze and stimulate the senses.

To paraphrase Shakespeare: a party by any other name would still be a little chaotic, explosive, exciting and, of course, entertaining.

Special Thanks to Presenting Sponsor Blue Moon Brewing Company

A Dia de Los Muertos figure oversees the guests at the Sabor 2021 event held August 6 at the Denver Botanic Gardens

The diverse and colorful costumed hosts welcomed hundreds of guests to the 13th Annual Sabor event presented by Blue Moon Brewery this year

It’s not a party without an authentic Mariachi band.

This year’s theme was “A Sensory Exploration of the Americas” a colorful and dynamic celebration presented by Blue Moon Brewing Company with sponsors: Don Julio, Schomp, American Facility Services Group, Tequila Herradura, and Pepsi. Hosted by the Denver Botanic Gardens for more than a decade now, the Colorado Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (COHCC) premier signature event was a feast for the eyes, ears and taste buds.

The annual celebration is a gastronomic and multicultural Latin American and Caribbean event with a carnival-like atmosphere that easily attracts more than 1,000 guests at the 22-acre Gardens and features musicians, restaurant vendors, artists, and dancers. President/CEO Mike Ferrufino was busy throughout the evening and was grateful to his staff and board for their contributions to such a large gathering.

Truly a Latin experience that captured the colors, flavors and styles of Mexico, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and El Salvador, to name a few.

Restaurants and vendors offered a steady stream of drinks including: horchata, craft beer, malbec, pisco sour, tequila, palomas with live Tango, Mariachi, Salsa, Flamenco, and Rock en español.

The annual fiesta ended with a champagne and dessert after-party lasting till 10 p.m. which felt just right for most revelers who enjoyed the diverse Latin American sensory experience.


Blacktie Colorado
Blacktie Colorado