After several years not being able to meet due to the pandemic this summer members of the Denver Adaptive Divers met at the Crestmoor Community Association pavilion as part of their 6th Annual Celebration. 

The August 27th event featured emcee  Doug Wulf with keynote speaker Justin Batchelder, a Dietetic Technician and a Precision Nutrition certified coach.

Denver Adaptive Divers (DAD) is a SCUBA diving training program that provides Open Water Diver certification to people with a variety of disabilities. The non-profit provides the opportunity for people with various disabilities to discover the freedom of movement under the water through SCUBA diving. DAD works with people with various disabilities, including but not limited to spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, amputees, visually and hearing impaired.

Zoe Rollins won the drawing for a new Mares regulator

On hand were several board members and co-founders John Sherman and Janine Melberg tending to last-minute details. High school student Zoe Rollins was the drawing winner for a brand new Mares scuba regulator. A regulator- typically costing hundreds of dollars– delivers a smooth flow of air from the oxygen tank, thus making breathing as easy underwater as it is on the surface. For wordsmiths, English majors and other trivia aficionados the word “scuba” is an acronym for: Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

In his bio keynote speaker Batchelder says he enjoys helping people reach their full potential.

“I help clients discover their underlying motives and goals and assist with developing a plan to meet those goals,” he said. ” I work with clients not only as a coach but as a guide, and a support system that regularly corresponds with positive and helpful messages to help them realize their goals.”

DAD Co-Founder and Executive Director John Sherman announced the event program

DAD provides support, education, specialized training in adaptive scuba diving, and dive travel to qualified individuals with physical disabilities to enable them to become an integral part of the sport of scuba diving.

Denver Adaptive Divers was founded in 1961 by one of the first pioneers in the scuba business and the store has become one of the largest in Colorado. Their simple but impactful mission is to take local members from the mountains to the sea through education, travel, and retail support for all things scuba, snorkeling, freediving, and swimming.

In 2009, the current ownership took the helm at Denver Divers and decided to bring the love of the ocean and water to the younger generation by founding the Swim School of Denver. Built on a foundation of survival techniques and a gentle approach, the Swim School of Denver has become an integral part of Denver Adaptive Divers who strive to bring the best experience possible in swimming, scuba, snorkeling, and freediving.

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