One thing we learned at Cableland Home Foundation’s First Spouses Recognition reception? Being a Denver Mayoral First Lady ain’t all glitz and glam. Instead, it’s a combination of hard work, a demanding schedule, providing constant, positive support for the mayor…and sometimes being on the receiving end of rude, unkind comments from the public. One thing we were impressed by? The unveiling of the sparkling new First Spouses Wall, a tribute to all of Denver’s First Ladies—with room for future First Gentlemen as well. The installation is made up of a plaque, biography and photo of each of the 42 Denver Mayoral Spouses. Smiling First Lady Mary Louise Lee was front and center to see her vision come to fruition.

Current Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (left), with former Mayor Wellington Webb

On Tuesday, June 20, about 100 invited supporters converged on Cableland, the official residence of the Mayor of Denver, to celebrate the unveiling of the historic First Spouses Wall. In a festive atmosphere, Two Sistahs Eats created a light buffet and passed hors d’oeurvres, as well as three commemorative cakes to honor the occasion. Reception music was provided by The Daniella Katzir Band, and guests received a special First Spouses coin as a keepsake, with a female silhouette on one side, male on the other…looking ahead to future First Gentlemen.

The event marked the first time five First Ladies have appeared at one event for a public audience. Those attending were: Ellen Hart Pena (Mayor Federico Pena, 1983-91), Wilma Webb (Mayor Wellington Webb, 1991-2003), Helen Thorpe (Mayor John Hickenlooper, 2003-11…current U.S. Senator), Gabriela Cornejo-Figueroa (Mayor Guillermo “Bill” Vida, 2011), and Mary Louise Lee (Mayor Michael Hancock, 2011-2023). Mayors Webb and Hancock also attended the celebration. Addressing the crowd: Jay Finesilver, Cableland Foundation board; LaTonya Lacy, Cableland Foundation board and Mayor’s Office Deputy Chief of Staff; Mayor Michael Hancock and Mary Louise Lee.

One side of the special, commemorative coin

The Cableland Home Foundation writes: “In our planning and discussions related to the City of Denver First Spousal Wall…we have tried to take a forward-thinking approach in terms of who might be a first spouse. We drafted logos which represented both genders, thinking at some point in Denver’s future, both might be represented as first spouses. We wanted to be completely mindful of the significant contributions of the service and profound impact of the first spouses to date, and we honor all their collective contributions to the growth and vibrancy of our great City…They all have made a huge difference, both during their terms, thereafter and historically. We salute and celebrate them all.”

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