Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocate Eric Dane said it all when he told the crowd of 1,400 “as we get older we like to seek out warm places. And there isn’t a place more welcoming and warm than this room.”

Such was the vibe at this year’s Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show–the largest fundraiser for Down syndrome in the world. When celebrities and models say that this runway is more fun and exciting than any other show they’ve ever been in, that’s saying something.

Dane and fellow Qunicy Jones Exceptional Advocate David Egan gave heartfelt speeches to accept their award, and event chair Amanda Booth was bubbling over with exuberance at once again being a part of this wonderful event–including a video showcasing her very lively and lovable son Micah. Force-of-nature Michelle Sie Whitten (president, CEO and co-founder of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation) shared with the crowd some good news about legislative and medical advances.

But the off-the-charts vibrance of the BBBY fashion show is unparalled. Celebrities and models could barely contain their excitement and the ear-to-ear smiles lit up the room. There were poses and waves and dance moves that delivered the uninhibited energy that only this event can generate.

BBBY raises funds to support the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. Their goal is to significantly improve the lives of people with Down syndrome through research, medical care, education and advocacy. They work to educate governments, educational organizations and society in order to affect legislative and social changes so that every person with Down syndrome has an equitable chance at a satisfying life.

Blacktie Colorado
Blacktie Colorado