It’s just not a groundbreaking ceremony without ceremonial hardhats and golden shovels. But guests also have to bring their imagination to the party. In this instance, envisioning not only the final completion of the building, but also thinking about the residents whose lives will be forever changed for the better when they move in. No matter how many groundbreaking celebrations Archway Housing & Services hosts, it’s always a special occasion knowing that affordable housing is being added for deserving veterans, private citizens and their families.

Joyce Alms-Ransford, Archway’s executive director, with Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul

On Thursday, Sept. 13, a spectrum of around 100 project team members, sponsors and supporters gathered at 1444 Gray St. in Lakewood for a celebration marking the groundbreaking for The Flats at Two Creeks, Archway’s latest affordable-housing project with 78 units. The location for the building is directly south of last year’s Archway project, 40 West Residences, a double bonus for future residents and the neighborhood as a whole. Beginning the program: Archway’s executive director Joyce Alms-Ransford, pastor Lee Berg, board member Rev. Jake Joseph and board member and Urban Lights director, David Nestor.

Tanya Langland, City of Lakewood Economic Development; and Robert Smith, of Robert Smith Landscaping

Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul delivered a short keynote address with his characteristic humor and candor, and was followed by: Susan Asam, VP National Equity Fund; Carrie Kronberg, director of the Colorado Division of Housing; Jim Rieker, VP Advantage Capital, Sean Doherty, executive director of Mile High Community Loan Fund and Maddie Nichols, co-chair of Two Creeks Neighborhood Organization. Words of encouragement and vision were followed up by a spirited groundbreaking, with hardhat-wearing team members wielding golden shovels.

The missions of Archway Investment Corporation and Archway Housing & Services are to change lives by providing housing and related supportive services that engender a safe environment and also to teach community skills for families with low-to-moderate incomes. For more information, please visit: