Was The Aaron Harber Show’s production of the 2023 Mayoral Runoff Forum as wild as the spring weather that day? The PBS12 event taping with moderator Aaron Harber and candidates Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston ran 45 minutes over its scheduled two hours. After the final comment, many attendees may have been on idea-and-information overload and made a beeline to their comfy homes. But they left well-informed about the two candidates in the upcoming runoff election on June 6.

Forum moderator Aaron Harber, of PBS12’s “The Aaron Harber Show” (left), with Denver mayoral runoff candidate Mike Johnston

Idy Etuk and Denver mayoral runoff candidate Kelly Brough at the reception

On Tuesday, April 25, the hardiest of the Forum audience, including both candidates, gathered in the Spratlen Lounge atop the Leprino Family Atrium at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science–the adjacent Australian exhibit room was set up with an open bar as well. DMNS Catering served up its usual delicious buffet array, as guests discussed the evening and caught up with old friends over a cocktail.

“The Aaron Harber Show” provided the following information about the Forum:
From runoff candidate Kelly Brough: “Denver is at a crossroads and I’m running because I want to restore the promise of Denver. From coffee shops to living rooms, I’ve been all over this city hearing from Denverites who want a better future for their families. I’m looking forward to joining ‘The Aaron Harber Show’ to have a substantive conversation about the biggest problems that face our city.”

From runoff candidate Mike Johnston: “This runoff election is all about meeting voters in every neighborhood to talk about how we can work together to solve Denver’s toughest problems. I’m looking forward to joining ‘The Aaron Harber Show’ to continue those conversations and share my vision for Denver with folks across the entire city.”

George Sparks, DMNS President and CEO, said: “All of us at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science are excited to work with Aaron to provide this nonpartisan public service opportunity to help inform the Denver residents deciding who the next Mayor will be–possibly for over a decade.”

Aaron Harber said, “I’m honored to moderate what probably will be the most in-depth conversation with these two outstanding candidates.” Watch “The Aaron Harber Show” on PBS12 (Denver) before and after the election, Fridays at 9pm and Sundays at noon.


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