Every year nearly 60,000 American adults will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer–which represents approximately 3% of all cancers but is among the most aggressive and deadly. Pancreatic cancer is often called a “silent” disease because symptoms do not show until the later stages when it is often too late to battle effectively. Pancreatic tumors are usually too small to cause symptoms, and later symptoms are often non-specific including:

• Loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting
• Significant weight loss and weakness
• Jaundice and pain in the upper abdomen

Board Member Dr. Sana Karam, Keynote Speaker Jeremy Poincenot, Founder Maureen A. Shul, and Board Member Jim Comerford.

To support education, research, and greater public awareness, Maureen A. Shul established the Wings of Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Research foundation. More than 300 attended the 2019 Wings of Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Research fundraiser held Saturday, Sept. 28 at Glenmoor Country Club in Cherry Hills Village. All proceeds benefit the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

Shul greeted guests as they arrived to the outdoor cocktail reception on a beautiful but somewhat gusty day for the first weekend of autumn in Denver.

This year’s keynote speaker was Jeremy Poincenot, an inspirational speaker and coach who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) which left him blind at an early age. The LHON disease affects only 100 people in the country each year with no treatment or cure available.

At first, Poincenot thought losing his sight meant forfeiting his life; however, he soon learned that with every challenge comes an opportunity for growth. By the age of 20, he had already won the World Blind Golf Championship, and, today travels the world, encouraging audiences to see life from a different perspective and to gain the clarity and confidence needed to see challenges as opportunities for success.

Keynote speaker Jeremy Poincenot with Wings of Hope Founder/Director Maureen A. Shul

The Wings of Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Research is a non-profit foundation dedicated to raising awareness and funding for pancreatic cancer research and programs at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. A diagnosis of any cancer can cause an overwhelming, stressful and emotional reaction. Wings of Hope (WOH) provides information and resources to supplement a greater understanding of pancreatic cancer, diagnosis, treatment options, various procedures, statistics, and other information.

The WOH Board consists of several devoted and energetic members including: Jim Comerford, Colin Daugherty, Kathryn Haber, Dr. Sana Karam, Dr. Wells Messersmith, Stacy Ohlsson, and Courtney Walsh.

For more information or to donate please visit the web site at wingsofhopepcr.org or contact Maureen Shul at info@wingsofhopepcr.org


Keynote Speaker Jeremy Poincenot with Wings of Hope Founder Maureen Shul

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