The stage was set, the lights dimmed, the only thing missing was the green M&Ms. At the 2016 Beaux Arts Rock “N” Roll Ball benefiting National Jewish Health, over 1,200 guests got to bask in the glory of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. With the 2015 year’s event winning at the Colorado Expression Icon Awards, this year was looking to raise the bar.

Presented by Morgridge Family Foundation, the 2nd Floor of the Hyatt Regency mirrored a setup usually reserved for the likes of Aerosmith, Bowie or Springsteen. After a first class happy hour, complete with top shelf cocktails, a high end raw bar, models, and rock god impersonators, guests were brought into the Centennial Ballroom for the first of AXS Group’s ballad covers. Although most made it to their seats, a good amount made their way to the dance floor for some Foreigner, Styx and Kenny Loggins. Next, and representing Morgridge Family Foundation, Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers, came out and dropped a few “Colorado” themed blues standards.

Once all guests took their seats, Board Chair Blair Richardson welcomed the crowd and brought up Governor John Hickenlooper. Next, National Jewish Health’s President and CEO Dr. Michael Salem addressed the crowd and showed video to the crowd showing them the day to day struggles of NJH’s patients and the groundbreaking work being done to change that. Music and dancing followed, including a Mick Jagger impersonated rendition of “Start Me Up.”

A special moment was taken to recognize the grand marshals: Libby Anschutz, Janie and David Eves and Rebecca and Lewis Kling. Auctioneer Randy Parnell presented three once in a lifetime auction packages that stretched to cultural hubs across the country before opening it up to general donations. In one more tender and heartwarming moment, guests were introduced by Dr. David Beuther to Jake and Kailia, two asthma patients of NJH. Both received a standing ovation.

The music and dancing started back up as the AXS group showcased a few final show stopping numbers before Libby Anschutz and her band Tracksuit Wedding came out to bring the house down.