Green Beret Foundation Dinner at The Fort

In June of 1952, a team of Special Forces was formed to provide out-of-the-norm services to protect our nation’s freedom. Also known as the Green Berets, this team of extraordinary individuals is known as the “Quiet Professionals”–albeit quiet, but not silent. Their mission, although never publicized and seldom fully understood, is crucial and integral to our nation’s security and these brave souls put their lives on the line every day in ways we cannot even imagine.

Green Berets by nature do not ask for help–they are the ones that give it–so when the time comes to assist in their time of need, we need to be there to give back. The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) was formed in 2009 to assist Green Berets that are ill, wounded or injured, or support Green Beret Gold Star families. Executive Director JenniferĀ Paquette, who’s husband Roland suffered injuries in Operation Enduring Freedom that rendered him a double amputee, has been instrumental in cultivating the Green Beret Foundation, along with founder SSG (R) Aaron Anderson. They met at Walter Reed while Roland and Aaron were recovering from traumatic injuries and have been working ever since to make sure that Green Berets are never left behind in any form or fashion.

Supporters of GBF gathered for a cozy dinner at The Fort restaurant in Morrison on Friday evening. Board member and huge supporter SGM (R) (Green Beret) Bruce Parkman was emcee, auctioneer, speaker, cheerleader, fundraiser and singer for the evening. Former Recon Force Marine and Green Beret Joe Teti (now a star on Discovery’s Dual Survivor) was on hand to talk about his commitment to Green Berets and some career anecdotes. More than $3 million has been raised in the young tenure of the GBF, but more support is consistently needed. 94% of donations goes directly to help the Green Berets. As SGM Parkman told guests, “not all Green Berets came home, andĀ not all came home whole.”

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