It was a happy Fall Gathering at the Mile High Academy.

Mile High Academy knows how to raise money. They have been raising money for 100¬†years. This year’s tenth Fall Festival at Mile High Academy was all about children. There was an abundance of pumpkins, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, donuts, cookies and at least 100 booths to spend your money. There were too many booths to mention but for sure there was a guessing game, painted nails, face painting, tattoos, go fishing, football toss, and table after table of food. The children and their parents were totally into the fun, games, and laughter of the evening.

Mile High Academy is a private, Christian-centered environment designed to empower young people to excel. Throughout the year the academy sponsors ongoing and specific campaigns that are dedicated to raising funds for the benefit of MHA and its students.

The enthusiasm for the school runs deep. Each time Blacktie-Colorado is invited to one of their events it is obvious that their pride combined with deep, Christian faith and a strong sense of love and respect for the teachers and students is a priority. The faculty and families who attend the school make Mile High Academy one of the top schools in Denver.

For information: Mile High Academy,  1733 Dad Clark Drive, Highlands Ranch, Denver, CO 80210. 303-744-1069.