Bessie’s Hope, Bringing Generations Together, is the only organization in the country focused on enhancing the lives of nursing home elders by providing education, training, and relationship-building volunteer programs for youth of all ages, families, individuals, business, and organizations.

The darling, brave, sweet children who stood on the podium to speak of their meaningful experiences with Bessie’s Hope gave everyone optimism. Visiting with children reminds us that getting old is not all that bad because they bring fresh ideas and love into your life. Bessie’s Hope brings smiles and enthusiasm for tomorrow.

The love and enjoyment given to elders through Bessie’s Hope is possible due to loyal volunteers and supporters such as Al and Terri Fisher who help keep the educational programs active.

Al and Terri Fisher were honored this night as the 2017 Community Angel Award Recipients. Terri and Al Fisher continue to stay actively involved in charities throughout the Denver community finding ways to give back through financial and time donations and sponsorships. Al is co-owner of Northern Electric, Inc.  Terri is owner/CEO of 5 Star Talent and Entertainment. She has won many business awards throughout her career such as “Best Entertainment Agency” in Colorado, 2017, and was recently selected by ColoradoBIZ Magazine’s “25 Most Powerful Sales People.”

Thank you,  Al and Terri Fisher, for your enduring support of Bessie’s Hope and all you do for the community of non-profits throughout Denver.

For more information on how you can be a part of Bessie’s Hope, please contact them at 303-830-9037; P.O. Box 12675, Denver, 80212.;