Reinvention was the theme at the 2013 Women’s Success Forum. Earlier this year, the Women’s Vision Foundation, the previous name of the organizer and host of the conference, put in the work to reinvent itself. The outcome was a new identity as The Leadership Investment to better reflect the organization’s mission and vision. The theme was then well carried out in this year’s conference as award-winning journalist and author Jane Pauley took the stage to talk about her journey in reimagining her own life as well as highlighting others who have successfully done so. The topic is the focus of her new series on NBC’s Today Show aptly titled “Your Life Calling”.

Bravely she shared about her own path of success and failure and what time has taught her: “We all have the power to reinvent; to take our threads of experience and weave them into something that changes and leads others.”

She candidly shared about her own television show, which was not renewed. When she was at a low point, she received an email from her son, who wrote, “I think the most important thing you can do is follow through. Love, Tommy” to which she advised the audience if you aren’t failing somewhat you may not be trying hard enough.  She also openly talked about how women are catalysts for change. “Women over 50 are leaning in. We are inspiring others to see themselves in powerful and positive ways.”

In her book Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue, which is scheduled to release in January, Jane Pauley emphasizes that inspiration is everywhere but, you have to be looking to find it. She also addresses the subject of “gifts” when she states, “Everyone has gifts, although, more often than not, we don’t know what they are.” She followed up by explaining that our gifts are the “intersection of our talents and personal interests. Since we have many of both, there isn’t just one big gift.”

A crowd favorite, Jane Pauley received extra long applause from the 1,200 conference attendees. Participants moved on to an array of breakout sessions covering topics designed to help them be more profitable, productive and successful. Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis gave the afternoon keynote address. She is vice president of Government and External Relations for Kaiser Permanente Colorado. Her focus was “Living the Vida Vuca” by helping listeners discover more about who they are in the midst of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Through her words she helped audience members cultivate the stillness and presence required to live their best lives in what seems like a wild-ride world.

When summarizing the reinvention of the Women’s Vision Foundation to The Leadership Investment, President Joanna Murray states, “It takes women and men working together to change culture. Our collective energy can create better products and more successful companies.”  She smiled as she shared about the day: “This is an organization where you are constantly learning. Today we’ll learn from the speakers and the participants. It’s a different kind of conference that builds community.”

The mission of The Leadership Investment is to support and advance women in their careers by developing leaders, connecting people and inspiring action and actively engages men in achieving this mission.

It’s not too early to mark your calendar for next year’s Women’s Success Forum: Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014.