“It’s important for everyone to walk away with something they wanted.” That has been Steve Farber‘s mantra as Denver’s iconic leader in business, philanthropy, community advocacy and generally all-round great guy.

Curious Theatre relived highlights of Mr. Farber’s life in a unique play called “The Life and Triumphs of Steve Farber” as part of their Denver Stories series. Steve and Cindy sat in the front row and watched memorable points from his life: his law partnership with Norm Brownstein and Jack Hyatt, his kidney challenges that he turned into an opportunity to help people through the American Transplant Foundation, his land development, music and sports teams acumen and his triumph in bringing the Democratic Convention to Denver (just to name a few).

Well-known Denver figures and past Curious Theatre subjects were interspersed in cameos in the play, including Chuck Morris, Nancy Leonard and Patty Calhoun. The audience guffawed and laughed at fun references to political, business and philanthropic leaders, with the actors in the play given free reign by claiming “that’s what we do here.”

It’s very difficult to sum up the accomplishments of Steve Farber in one hour but this play, written by Josh Hartwell and directed by Producing Art Director Chip Walton, took a good run at it. And it seems that all the audience members walked away with something they wanted.