Green eggs and ham, anyone? Whether they were “old hat” Dr. Suess fans or new, everyone was thoroughly entertained by a spirited performance of “Suessical ” at this year’s Archway Housing & Services Fall Fundraiser. Talk about a crowd-pleaser. Around 200 guests from toddlers to retirees were drawn into the musical version of whimsical Dr. Seuss characters and storylines.

The Olgin Perez family

On Tuesday, Nov 14, Archway supporters and housing residents convened at Little Town Hall Arts Center to raise funds for projects and services. The evening began with tasty bites and beverages, and a chance to chat and relax. The kids (very well-behaved, by the way!) took their seats in the upstairs theater, followed by the adults. The intimate atmosphere was decked out with colorful backdrops—and a familiar tall, red-and-white hat hanging magically at center stage.

The iconic hat worn by Dr. Suess’ Cat in the Hat.

Archway’s executive director and CEO Joyce Alms-Ransford welcomed the crowd and thanked sponsors, staff and volunteers for their efforts. Housing and Services board president Mary Anderies told everyone money raised at the event goes directly to Archway’s supportive services. Somer Lundberg, manager of family services, concluded with a roundup of family opportunities available for Archway residents.

Archway’s mission is to change lives by providing housing and related supportive services that engender a safe environment and teach community skills for families with very low to moderate incomes. Along with that comes the goal of building healthier communities by offering quality affordable housing with services that enhance the social and economic well being of families in metro Denver. For more information, please visit: