So maybe the day began with a downpour and the sun was out for only 7.2 minutes during the entire day. Maybe it was really chilly from start to finish. Did that stop people from attending Stout Street Foundation’s annual golf tournament? Not a chance. This year’s event was another sellout, people dressed for the weather…and as always, everyone had a great time.

Parkas and jackets were pretty much required on a chilly summer day.

On Friday, June 23, golfers and SSF supporters met up at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club for the 11th annual golf-and-lunch event to support Stout Street’s programs and services. Golfers took part in a fun morning on the course, and everyone had a chance to enjoy a lunch menu with selections fresh off the grill. An extensive silent auction stayed busy throughout, until the coveted awards ceremony and prize drawings closed out the event.


SSF’s VP of development, Teri Smith, presents a display outlining this year’s capital improvement project.

This year, Stout Street’s money-raising efforts are focused on a major $600,000 kitchen-and-dining room capital improvement project for the facility’s residents. Before-and-proposed-after photos displayed at the fundraiser vividly demonstrated both the need and the positive outcome that will result from the project’s successful completion.

The mission of Stout Street Foundation (SSF) is to provide the necessary services and support in a totally structured therapeutic community environment to assist addicts and alcoholics to help themselves in rehabilitation, recovery and transition in returning to society as productive and responsible citizens. SSF operates as a not-for-profit, self-sufficient organization without primary economic dependence on municipal, state or federal funding. Within the structured environment, Stout Street Foundation will provide for food, lodging, and specific programs and treatment for residents.

The firepit was standing-room-only popular.

For more than 40 years Stout Street Foundation has been a service leader in and around the Denver community. From humble beginnings at a house on Stout Street in Denver to completely refurbishing a 168-room hotel in Commerce City, SSF has grown by leaps and bounds, and continues to be one of the most successful therapeutic communities in Colorado. Stout Street Foundation has helped thousands of individuals over the years and continues to treat more than 300 individuals a year.

SSF’s 28-day intensive residential program Serenity is unique in that it provides traditional groups and classes, as well as many holistic approaches that aid in the recovery process. Included: a weekly psychiatric evaluation, medication management, individual and group sessions, acupuncture, yoga and an introduction to the 12 steps.

While most addiction treatment programs last for just a few months and sober living programs last for about a year, SSF welcomes residents to join its vocational recovery program for as long as needed, up to two or three years. During their time in residency, individuals help to maintain the facility and its grounds in much the same way that they’ll be maintaining their own homes and living environments upon graduating from vocational recovery. For more information about Stout Street Foundation, please visit, or call 1-866-722-7040.