If you aren’t in the holiday spirit yet, you just had to visit the L’Esprit de Noel holiday home tour. The holiday flower arrangements, vivid architecture, unique furnishings and artwork all gel into a wonderland of festive spirit.

Five homes in the Hilltop area were on the home tour this year, which is the 41st annual event. Visitors got to vote on their favorite floral designs from City Floral, Flower Power, Bouquets, Birdsall & Co. and the Tended Ticket, as well as table designs from City Floral, The Lark, Dwell Antiques, lulu’s furniture & decor and the Tended Thicket.

Supporters of the Central City Opera attended a patron party on Friday evening at Cableland, orchestrated by the CCO Guild. Guests included L’Esprit de Noel Chair Denise Sanderson and her husband Jim, CCO Guild President Edie Bell, Board President Elect Roopesh Aggarwal and Lauren Lovejoy, CCO general and artistic director Pat Pearce, outgoing CCO Board President Nancy Parker and Patron Party Chairs Susan Stiff and Nancy Hemming.

The warm atmosphere of Cableland helped to ward off the chill from the winter storm that seems to traditionally accompany this event. Happy holidays!