Over the Moon

For twenty years Bright by Three (formerly Colorado Bright Beginnings) has been helping parents and other loving caregivers of babies and toddlers ages 0-3.

This year’s 20th Anniversary Goodnight Moon Gala was a celebration to recognize the success in the community and the on-going efforts of Denver’s bright babies who benefit from Bright by Three. The Denver organization has strived to make parenting less stressful and small children happy since 1995.

Thanks to many in the last 25 years, especially Brad Butler and Roy & Bea Romer, who believed that learning begins on the first day of life. Children throughout Colorado have been set on a path to successful learning and living as their parents learn the importance of good nutrition, health care, developmental stages and language development; talking and reading, beginning at day one.  The funds raised through donations have reached nearly 250,000 families annually. Bright by Three works through visits bringing parents books, resources and support to succeed in the most important job they will ever have.

Dr. Christopher Ott received the Community Leadership Award for his dedicated goal of working with at-risk families

Dr. Stephen Berman, known for his contributions to pediatric education, has been an integral cog in the wheel of Bright by Three since its beginnings, formerly known as Colorado Bright Beginnings.

The evening was a dreamy event for the hundreds of supporters who gathered at the Seawell Ballroom. The ballroom created a Peter Pan moment with twinkling stars, a full moon backdrop with subtle lighting to recreate a time-for-bed closeness for a little one’s sweet dreams.

Auctioneer Don Martin lead the live auction while guests planned their next vacations and outings with exciting auction items such as the Dr. Scott Dinosaur Tour, Weekend at Bernie’s, Italian Evening of Eight, the Wine Cellar (stocked with wine from the Board of Directors), A night at the Four Seasons Hotel with Colorado Symphony tickets, Nuggets Tickets, Aspen Weekend Package, Log Home Retreat, Vail Summer Escape and many more.

The evening wrapped with music and dancing by Homeslice – after all the children were put to bed.

Bright by Three is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that provides parents and caregivers of children aged 0-3, with the tools needed to promote a child’s readiness for lifelong learning and success. To learn more about BB3, visit their website, http://brightbythree.org