“Close your eyes and open your senses as you embark upon a journey when all the lights go down as dinner begins.”  These were instructions to guests as the fun and innovative “Dinner in the Dark” event unfolded. Sleep shades and visual impairment simulators were available to heighten the “in the dark” experience for those in attendace to “see” what it’s like to be blind or visually impaired.

The evening began with a reception and silent auction, where attendees were able to bid on items like a signed Peyton Manning jersey while snacking on an assortment of cheese and fruit. During the reception, conversations and laughter echoed throughout the hall. Many “awws” were heard, courtesy of the seeing eye dogs both on duty and in training who attended the event.

After the reception, the dinner hosted by former Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers began as people slipped on their eye masks to put themselves in the place of someone who is visually impaired. During the meal, singer, songwriter and board chair Karen Karsh and her band dazzled the crowd with their brilliant music.

After dinner and dessert were enjoyed, Reggie’s “Heads or Tails” game began. With a $20.00 bill or $20.00 check payable to ACBCO, lucky attendees who guessed heads or tails at a coin flip were able to win a Hall of Famer football signed by four former great Denver Broncos Players.

ACBCO uses blind, visually impaired and sighted individuals who work together to achieve their mission to serve all who are in need of their assistance throughout Colorado.  All proceeds raised from the event support seniors in our community with vision loss, and help them to adapt and adjust so they can remain living independently and be active with their family, friends, and also within their community.